Carmelo Anthony is fed up with people always doubting his desire and hunger to win at the highest level and he took to Instagram yesterday to clap back at the haters. In this case the haters include Stephen A Smith, who tried to go off on Melo over his comments about being happy winning Gold Medals if he never wins an NBA championship. Problem is the majority of the people talking crazy about Melo, Stephen A included, clearly chose which parts of Carmelo’s comments they wanted to hear and its making all of them look stupid.


In case you missed it, earlier this week Melo referenced that “IF” he never wins an NBA title, he can feel like he still had a great career because of the three Gold medals he would have if team USA wins it all this summer in Rio. The key word of his statement was “IF”. Melo is not saying he doesn’t want to win an NBA title, he merely said he would be happy looking back on all the medals if the Knicks never reach the promise land of the NBA finals.

If you watched the video, you saw how Stephen A attempted to go in on him but he, along with numerous fans who also didn’t pay attention to what Melo said, missed the point.

That was something Melo emphasized on his Instagram post, where he included Lebron James in the picture to help him explain how he is feeling.

Make sure to check the gallery. Hopefully Stephen A, along with other fans who love to run their mouth about Carmelo will get the point now.