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Collin Kaepernick made headlines when he refused to stand for the American National Anthem. Fans have reacted differently some heralding the athlete others, not so much. Today a fan posted a video burning the star QB’s jersey and something tells me this is just the first of many hateful videos to come. Check out the video and more on the story after the jump.

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Collin Kaepernick’s refusal to rise for the National Anthem brought all eyes in the sports world on him. The Anthem is seen by many as the nations pride. Many see it as a thank you to the many who have lost thier lives to protect this nation. So when the San Francisco 49ers quarterback chose to sit out the anthem during a pre-season game, many saw it as a slap in the face. But Kaepernick, however, feels what he did was not wrong.

He feels that he should not have to take pride in a nation which he feels is oppressing black people. At the end of the day it seems like everyone forgets at times that this is a free country. And should anyone, public figure or not, should choose to protest anything, it is there God given right; a right that is protected by the law. Some fans of the 49er’s have come out in support of Kaepernick, others have chosen to cast stones. Today a video has surfaced and gone viral of a fan burning a Kaepernick jersey. Sad, what a waste of money, haha it makes for good entertainment tho. Check out the video below.

????? You still PURCHASED the jersey, goofy. #ColinKaepernick

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