A shooter opened fire at Alpine High School this morning, injuring one person before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. A police officer was later also injured, as a marshal accidentally shot him while responding to the incident. The conditions of the police officer and the other victim are not known yet at this time.

Early reports said that two shooters were on the looser, but the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office has since updated their report, assuring the community that the initial shooter is dead, and no others were being sought.

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“There was blood on the floor in the cafeteria that I saw when we went past it on our way out of the school,” a student said. “One of the officers told us to keep our hands up and run out of the building, so I only saw the blood quickly.”
“It was so scary and very intense. I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

The school was initially placed on lockdown, then evacuated around 9:40am their time. Prayers to all involved!

Source: CNN