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This is super sad. Ohio Police have released graphic photos of two parents who over dosed on Heroin in their car with their 4-year-old child in the back seat.

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James Acord and Rhonda Pasek were driving in a Ford explorer in East Liverpool Wednesday afternoon when an officer noticed that the driver was being really erratic. When a school bus was “in the process of discharging children,” the officer went up to the car. The driver’s speech was slurred and nearly impossible to understand. Acord told the officer that he was taking Pasek to the hospital. He then tried to drive off before the officer could take the keys out of the car. Once the officer noticed the child in the back, Acord passed out.

Medical Assistance came and gave the adults a drug that is designed to reverse the effects of an overdose in an emergency situation. Once they both regained consciousness they were taken to the hospital. Accord was charged with endangering children, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and slowing or stopping in a roadway. Pasek was charged with not wearing a seat belt, endangering children, and public intoxication. The 4-year-old in the back seat was actually Pasek’s grandson.

Source: Complex