Tech N9ne got some devastating news Saturday while he was on his Strange Music tour. His aunt Ivy Yates, was shot and left with a punctured lung in her Kansas City, Missouri home.

Frankie Zing

After hearing upon the news about the woman who helped raise him, Tech took to Instagram:

I need all the prayers I can get from my Technicians for my aunt Ivy! Some demon shot her last night! Send Angel love this way so I can transfer it her way! Positive energy today people please!

Yates was in her own home with her grandchildren before several gunshots rang out, penetrated the walls and struck her chest.

But good news, Tech then posted after a screenshot of family member’s text saying they stopped the bleeding, she has been taken off of the breathing machine and she is in recovery!:

“Thank you guys so much! My lil brother Kiraameen just sent me this text so the positive energy got her thru a punctured lung! That’s POWER baby thank you!”

Get well soon Aunt Tech!