Kid Cudi’s daughter’s mother, Jacqueline Munyasya, has been granted an order of protection against her ex. Per the order, Cudi must stay away from her and cease ALL contact, as Munyasya says he’s been causing her emotional distress, and even once demanded she stop letting their daughter hang out with white people.

The battles between the former couple aren’t new, as even as far back as 2010, Munyasya sued Cudi over custody and child support.

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In the new case, Munyasya says Cudi texted her over 168 times over the course of 3 days in August, threatening to call child services on her, that he was going to send a guy to her house, telling her she’s gross and more. She also adds that he threatened to create a social media hashtag, #JusticeForVada, and rally the public’s support to go against her. (Vada is their daughter’s name.)

Ultimately, the judge granted Jacqueline the order of protection, and it will remain in effect until August 18th 2017.

Source: The Jasmine Brand