According to a new lawsuit, Swizz Beats has allegedly ripped a car leasing company out of 10s of millions of dollars. The company claims Swizz has screwed them out of a bunch of expensive whips including McLarens, Bentleys, Porsches and Ferraris. He started a car leasing company in which he used another company to help out. The company is called Metro-Gem Leasing and Funding.

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Metro-Gem Leasing and Funding is claiming that they put out millions of dollars for Swizz to get some of their fancy cars but over the years they have been bamboozled out of millions. Alicia Keys is mentioned in the suit after the company says she and her husband started leasing some of the cars for personal use back in 2013. However, Alicia is not being named as an defendant.

The company is claiming fraud for 27 vehicles. They are currently asking for $42 mil in damages. Swizz Beats has since responded to the allegations saying,

“People just do and say anything these days for $ Wow! The crazy part is people also believe anything these days SMH! Going back to bed.”

Source: TMZ