Doc Rivers once said that Kevin Garnett was his favorite player to coach and apparently he wanted one more chance to coach him again. Rivers wanted KG to sign with the Clippers for next reason rather than retire but he made the smarter decision at this stage of his career to call it quits.


The 40 year old, who was an all-star 15 times in his career, decided to retire yesterday but not without some effort from Doc to convince him otherwise.

“I would have absolutely been interested in bringing him here. You always find a place for a guy like that, whose voice in the locker room is so strong, so clear, so impactful.

“He’s such a great teacher in practice. He should start a course in leadership. The NBA should designate who the best player is on each team and then they could bring Kevin in and he could teach them how to be the best player and the best leader. Better yet, they could bring him and Tim [Duncan] in and they could teach it together and show people how it can be done in two completely opposite ways.”

“He doesn’t want to play,” Rivers said. “I’m sure he won’t play again. I think he realized, ‘Why am I doing this?’

Considering the Clippers are good for nothing other than early playoff exits under Rivers, KG really would’ve had to ask himself why is he doing this just like Rivers said. Then again, since he was with the Wolves last year and went there willingly, it’s possible winning another championship isn’t what motivates him.

Still, Rivers plans to offer him something in the form of coaching, anything that gets him involved with the team. “I’m going to offer him something,” Rivers said. “I don’t want to say too much right now. I just know he’d be a great asset to any team.”