Disturbing details have been revealed in the gang rape case against Derrick Rose, and now those details are even more significant as the LAPD confirms there is a criminal case against Rose as well.

The civil trial against the New York Knicks’ star and two friends for an alleged gang rape is scheduled to begin on October 4.  It’s not the only legal trouble Rose is facing; in a letter to the alleged victim’s attorney, Brandan Anand, a detective from the LAPD confirmed there is an active criminal investigation against Rose and the two other defendants in the civil trial.

The judge presiding over the civil case recently ruled that the alleged victim will not be able to maintain her anonymity during the trial as Rose’s lawyer, Mark Baute, requested her to use her real name after she went on a media tour “bashing” Rose.  The detective, Nadine Hernandez however, argues that maintaining the victim’s anonymity “is an invaluable investigative aid to investigators.”  The department plans to maintain her anonymity “throughout the criminal investigation being handled by the Los Angeles Police Department.”

Anand is now asking the judge to reconsider his ruling in light of the LAPD’s letter. In a filing, Anand also notes that soon after the judge’s ruling, the alleged victim’s name began to appear on social media.

Baute had alleged that Anand was lying about an active criminal investigation in order to extort a settlement from Rose. Baute argued that the claim of an active criminal investigation was false and represented a violation of rules of professional conduct for attorneys.

Last week, Knicks President Phil Jackson said the upcoming gang rape trial is “not keeping [Rose] up at night.” Jackson also said the Knicks were “not concerned” about the allegations.

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source: Think Progress