Last week the world received a shock when news of the late Shawty Lo’s passing surfaced. The Atlanta was very active in the community and loved by many. So much so that an online petition has been started to rename an existing Atlanta highway after the late rapper. Mercy Washington of Atlanta is seeking 5,000 signatures in order to rename Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway to Shawty Lo Parkway. For more on the story and for the link to the petition; check in after the jump.

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Mercy Washington has started an online petition to rename Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway, an existing to Shawty Lo Parkway. Now I understand Shawty Lo was loved but flat out renaming the highway probablly wont sit well with most people. Donald Lee Hollowell was a civil rights attorney. This man is responsible for desegregating the university of Georgia.

Now not to say one good deed out weighs the good deeds of another, but the good deeds of Hollowell surely are more than impressive. Certainly his name is more than worth remembering. At the time in 1961, even to publicly speak of desegregation meant putting your life and all the lives you love in great danger. That said, a man who risks everything he has like that should not be forgotten. If anything they should come up with a way to name the highway after both figures. But thats just my opinion. Washington had this to say:

“He was overly active in his Bankhead community. So much so, that neighborhood locals honored him by giving him the nickname “King of Bankhead” abbreviated K.O.B in which he utilized as much as he did his rap name Shawty Lo. What better way to honor this extraordinary man then to rename the street in which he grew up on and a community that he never left behind even after his success! Bankhead Hwy a.k.a. Donald Lee Hollowell is a thing of the past. Sign the petition as we welcome the new Atlanta street name Shawty Lo Pkwy.”

“Remember who you are and where you come from, otherwise, you dont know where you are going.” – Karoline Kurkova.

If you wish to sign the Shawty Lo pettition you can find it here.

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