E!’s’Rob & Chyna’ may not be renewed for a second season. It seems that Rob is getting more and more secluded and execs are getting cold feet. They believe there’s a good chance that Rob may not commit to a full season. This is belivevd to be the reason why E! executives have not ordered for a second season as of yet. More on the story after the jump.

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As many who watch the show or follow the Kardashian clan know, its no secret that Rob Kardashian hates the spotlight. Often he stay secluded and out of the limelight because of this. At times he even stays to himself for days. This kind of behavior seems to be giving production execs over at E! cold feet about his show. The show, ‘Rob & Chyna’ stars both Rob Kardashian and his wife Blac Chyna.

The show although doing great in ratings has not been requested for a second season as of yet. The execs are said to be afraid that Rob may not be able to commit to a full season. Executives are said to love Chyna however and have been open to the idea to going forward with a solo show with Chyna if Rob cant get it together. The second season of the series certainly seems as though it would be a bigger hit than the first. The birth of the duo’s baby is on the way and who knows maybe a possible wedding.

Source: BA