Before Kim was robbed, she was laying in her bed with nothing but a robe on. Kim heard footsteps which is when she tried to call her bodyguard. One of the robbers caught on to Kim and snatched her phone.

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The robbers tied her arms and feet with plastic handcuffs and duct tape. Kim feared that she was about to be raped. Kim told the robbers that she would give them whatever they wanted. The men however, spoke no English only French. Kim says the only thing she recalls is the men saying ‘ring ring.’ Once she told them where the ring was they taped her mouth shut.

TMZ reported that Kim’s friend was downstairs sleeping. Once she heard all the noise, she locked herself in the bathroom and called the bodyguard who was with Kourtney at the time. Kim’s bodyguard Pascal came just two minuets after the robbers left.

Source: TSR