Fetty Wap Robbed & Shootout Breaks Out

harlem fetty Fetty was robbed for cash and his chain on Sunday morning, which led to a shootout that sent 3 people to the hospital.

MLB: Felix Hernandez Hit By Gang Of Robbers In Seattle

Photo Credit Seattle Mariner Felix Hernandez’s home was hit by a gang of burglars dubbed “The Rock Smash Crew” a few months ago in Washington. They got him for $1.5M in goods including his “King Felix” ring.

Soulja Boy’s Hollywood Hills Home Was Robbed For $$$ And Jewelry

Soulja really has his name in the ring these days with just about everyone…

(Video) Slim Thug’s 2015 Rolls Royce Wraith Smashed In And Robbed

Imagine having a meal and police unexpectedly come up to you and say come with us…than they take you to your 2015 Rolls Royce which took a brutal beating and was robbed. That’s what Thug just experienced.

(Video) Woman Robbed In A Matter Of Seconds At Florida Gas Station

This guy robbed a woman for her purse as her back was turned in about 30 seconds. Stealthy but he got caught on camera.

Kim Kardashian Says She Feared Being Raped During Robbery

Before Kim was robbed, she was laying in her bed with nothing but a robe on. Kim heard footsteps which is when she tried to call her bodyguard. One of the robbers caught on to Kim and snatched her phone.

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