NFL: Jason Taylor Says Investment Broker Ran Off With Over $275,000 of His Money

Jason Taylor has made a living out of chasing down quarterbacks — now the NFL star is trying to chase down the man he says bilked him out of more than a quarter of a million dollars!  Read more after the jump. @Shay_Marie x @gametimegirl

NBA: Kris Humphries Robbed for Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars by His Wedding Guest

Kim Kardashian‘s husband Kris Humphries claims he was bilked out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a guy he invited to his wedding … a guy who’s been arrested for allegedly running a $1.7 million investment scam.   Read more after the jump. @Shay_Marie x @gametimegirl

BREAKING NEWS: Manny Pacquiao’s Home Burglarized!

posted by: Sabrina B. @gametimegirl & Wendy L @ItsLukieBaby Manny Pacquiao’s Los Angeles home has been burglarized and 4 people have been arrested.  More details after the jump…

California Congress Woman Says Campaign Funds Robbed $250,000

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein is the latest lawmaker claiming to have been looted of campaign cash by a Democratic treasurer who’s been likened to Bernie Madoff. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

Shortchanged, Man Calls Police On His Drug Dealer!

One man takes his change very seriously. When his drug dealer shortchanged his $20 bill, this guy called the police on him; too bad the police wanted to involved the drug BUYER (duh.) Details after the jump. Emma Rabid

(Video) London Riots Update: Thugs Help Injured Boy, Then Rob Him

A helpless guy sits bleeding on the ground. He is “helped” up and then robbed. Hit the jump to see the video. Funk Flex

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