One man takes his change very seriously. When his drug dealer shortchanged his $20 bill, this guy called the police on him; too bad the police wanted to involved the drug BUYER (duh.) Details after the jump.
Emma Rabid

Donald M. Hughes told a Pasco sheriff’s deputy he’d been robbed. He was paying off a $5 debt to a woman when she “jerked” his $20 bill from him and ran away.

But the woman, named Tammy Lucas, said Hughes actually wanted to pay the $5, get $5 worth of Xanax pills and $10 in change, according to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report. Lucas said after she gave Hughes the pills, she forgot to give him his change.

When he returned later for it, Lucas said she woke from a nap to Hughes screaming and demanding his money — or more pills.

Hughes, 45, of 10631 Oakhill Drive, was arrested and charged with filing a false report. He was released from jail Sunday.

The cost to investigate the entire incident, according to the Sheriff’s Office: $78.