Ty Dolla Sign is now encouraging his fans to vote. Ty says even though he wants his fans to vote, he is not a fan of either candidate.

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Ty Dolla Sign says,

“Everybody seems to be saying, ‘Stay at home, don’t vote because we have two that are both boof as f–k, but we have one that’s more boof. So I want to encourage everyone to vote so that we don’t end up with a guy that says he’s going to f—ing ban fucking Mexicans for coming out here and build a wall and make them pay for it… Would you rather have a president hiding their emails and, um, lying about other things. Or, uh, a f—ing racist? I think it’s an easy call even though both of them are f—ing boof like I said.”

It’s important people! Get out here and vote!

Source: Complex