Heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury is going through it.  The troubled boxer has not trained in months, he’s fighting depression, has suicidal thoughts, a drinking problem, and admits he’s done “LOTS” of cocaine.  He’s in danger of losing his belts but that’s the least of his worries, he desperately needs help.

Fury made the admissions Monday in an interview with Rolling Stone that was posted on its website Tuesday. At the time of the interview, Fury said he had been sober for three days.

“Listen, I’ve done a lot of things in my life. I’ve done lots of cocaine. Lots of it,” Fury said in the interview. “Why shouldn’t I take cocaine? It’s my life, isn’t it? I can do what I want. Yeah, I have done cocaine. Plenty of people have done cocaine as well. What the f— has that got to do with anything?

“That ain’t a performance-enhancing drug. Am I not allowed to have a life now as well? Do they want to take my personal life off me, too? I’ve not been in a gym for months. I’ve not been training. I’ve been going through depression. I just don’t want to live anymore, if you know what I’m saying. I’ve had total enough of it. They’ve forced me to the breaking edge. Never mind cocaine. I just didn’t care. I don’t want to live anymore. So cocaine is a little minor thing compared to not wanting to live anymore.”

Now Fury risks being stripped of his two world title belts for the positive test, as well as inactivity that seems certain to go beyond one year. But Fury (25-0, 18 KOs), 28, clearly has bigger issues in his life right now than whether he keeps the belts.

“I’m going through a lot of personal demons, trying to shake them off,” Fury told Rolling Stone. “This has got nothing to do with my fighting. What I’m going through right now is my personal life. … They say I’ve got a version of bipolar. I’m a manic depressive. I just hope someone kills me before I kill myself.””I’m in a very bad place at the moment,” Fury said. “I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me. I don’t know if I’m going to see the year out to be honest. I am seeing help, but they can’t do nothing for me. What I’ve got is incurable. I don’t want to live. All the money in the world, fame and glory, means nothing if you’re not happy. And I ain’t happy. I’m very far from it.”

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