Haha just in time for Halloween! Rumors started to swirl yesterday that Chance The Rapper was actually working on a new jingle and a commerical for Kit-Kat, and the grand reveal has come sooner than later. Hit the jump for Chance’s rendition of “Give Me A Break”.

Frankie Zing

…of that Kit-Kat bar! Lil Chano from 79th is no longer the rapper, but has become Chance The Wrapper for the holiday (and some $$$). Dressed as a fuzzy bear (while still rocking his signature ‘3’ mixtape hat), Chance wanders the candy aisle at his local corner store and picks up a Kit Kat bar cosigned by his Halloween alter ego “Chance the Wrapper.”

At first we really thought Chance was going to create a catchy new jingle for the mega candy brand, but really how could and why would you even want to try and top the ever catchy ‘give me a break of that kit-kat bar’?! This kid is truly on a roll in 2016. He’s got this commercial, deals with Nike and H&M, got invited to perform at White House this Christmas, just won 2 B.E.T awards last night for Best New Artist and Best Mixtape and he’s doing it all while not being signed to a major record label. Good for him! See the 30 second commercial in full below: