Remember that girl Zola who had a few seconds of internet fame last year, when her insane Twitter story about strippers, pimps and overall drama went viral? Well she’s popped back up, and once again, she has people talking!

This time, the controversy comes from a photo she shared on social media, where she’s openly breast-feeding her 5-month-old daughter in the middle of her former place of employment, Hooters. Some are saying that she didn’t need to do such an act for the world to see, while others say such an act shouldn’t be sexualized, and she should be able to feed her child wherever, whenever.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

For her part, Zola says she was shocked by the backlash because she breastfeeds in malls, grocery stores and even church. She also thinks it’s hypocritical to ask her to cover her boobs in a place that celebrates them.

Check out the photo in the gallery and let us know – which side of the fence do you fall on in this argument?

Source: TMZ