Yesterday we reported that Scottie Pippen had filed for divorce from his wife Larsa, whom he was married to for more than 19 years. There wasn’t much info regarding why they wanted to call things off now but it didn’t seem like anything negative was happening. It more so felt like two people who had become distant but still wanted to be there for the children. Now comes news that maybe things weren’t as nice as they seemed as police said they were called to the home twice in less than a month in regards to domestic issues.


Police in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida confirmed they responded to the Pippen home on October 2nd and found Larsa outside waiting for them. When police arrived she explained there was a very heated argument but it never got physical. No arrests were made and Scottie even offered to leave for the night if it made Larsa feel better.

Then two days later police were called again for a domestic disturbance but for that incident there isn’t much info available other than the fact nobody was arrested that time either.

Perhaps in their case a divorce will be a good thing as long as they hold it down for the kids as co-parents, which I’m sure they will.