(Video) NBA: Scottie Pippen Leaves Club With 2 Women & No Larsa Pippen

There were rumors that Larsa Pippen was cheating on husband Scottie with rapper Future.  The couple has since reconciled and Scottie reportedly halted the divorce he filed for.  Now it looks like Scottie is having some fun of his own.

(Video/Photos) NBA: Larsa Flashes BIG Diamond Ring & Back With Scottie Pippen After Future Rumors

It looks like Scottie Pippen put a halt on the divorce he filed for in October as he and his wife Larsa Pippen appear to have reconciled.  There were a series of domestic incidents and 911 calls from Larsa, and she was also accused of cheating with rapper Future.  The couple has apparently put all that behind them and look happily in love again.

(Audio) NBA: Scottie And Larsa Pippen 911 Calls

The Pippen divorce is getting heated. Allegedly Larsa’s been tap dancing around town with Ciara’s ex, Future which is what allegedly led to Scottie filing. Check out the two 911 calls that were made just last month.

NBA: Report, Police Were Called To Home Of Scottie & Larsa Pippen Twice In The Past Month For Domestic Disturbances

Yesterday we reported that Scottie Pippen had filed for divorce from his wife Larsa, whom he was married to for more than 19 years. There wasn’t much info regarding why they wanted to call things off now but it didn’t seem like anything negative was happening. It more so felt like two people who had become distant but still wanted to be there for the children. Now comes news that maybe things weren’t as nice as they seemed as police said they were called to the home twice in less than a month in regards to domestic issues.

NBA: Scottie Pippen Files For Divorce From Wife Larsa After 19 Years Of Marriage

Scottie Pippen and his wife of 19 years, Larsa Pippen, have decided to end their marriage together. It’s unclear what prompted the move, especially since they recently made an appearance together during NY fashion week where their seven year old daughter Sophia was modeling in a show and everything seemed just fine. Part of the reason could be the travel they both do that has caused distance in the relationship. There were rumors that Larsa was possibly getting too friendly with Future recently but sources have put those rumors to rest.

NBA: Tracy McGrady Says He’s Happy Michael Jordan Nixed Trade That Would Send Him to Bulls

Back in June, Tracy McGrady dropped a bombshell when he revealed that the Chicago Bulls were trying to trade Scottie Pippen and get McGrady during his draft year in the NBA.  Michael Jordan however stepped in and nixed the deal.  During an interview with Complex, McGrady revealed that he’s actually happy the trade didn’t go down.

(Video) NBA: Tracy McGrady Was About To Be Traded For Scottie Pippen Until Michael Jordan Killed It

In 1997, Tracy McGrady was selected at the ninth overall pick in the NBA draft and was on his way to play with the Raptors in Toronto. It turns out however that he was very close to going to Chicago instead to play with Michael Jordan as the Bulls were secretly having discussions to trade Scottie Pippen for McGrady. When Jordan found out about the plan in place, he quickly killed the deal and robbed McGrady of his chance to play with the goat!

NBA: Scottie Pippen & Dennis Rodman Say 96′ Bulls Still the Greatest Team After Warriors Lose

The 2016 Golden State Warriors beat the 96′ Chicago Bulls 72-10 record by finishing the season at 73-9.  Going into Game 7, Stephen Curry and his squad knew if they didn’t win the championship their record breaking season wouldn’t hold as much prominence.  Unfortunately for them, they fell short of the ultimate goal as the Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA championship.  Now Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, members of the 96′ Bulls, declared that they’re still the greatest team in NBA history.

NBA: Michael Jordan Once Hustled Scottie Pippen Out Of $100 Per Game For An Entire Season

This story is kinda foul but also funny as hell at the same time. Michael Jordan is ruthless, which is something we already knew but man, what he did to Scottie Pippen for basically an entire season is down right ice cold.

(Video) NBA: Scottie Pippen Surprises Michael Jordan During Heat/Hornets Game 7

Sunday was not a great day for Michael Jordan as his Charlotte Hornets got destroyed by the Miami Heat, losing 106-73 in game 7 and officially being eliminated from the NBA playoffs in the first round. He went from “crying Jordan” to a smiling and happy Jordan however, as he perked up during a surprise visit from an old friend.

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