The other day, a video went viral of a young girl from Baltimore tripping off of drugs. We now have an update on the girl and her condition. She took to record a video with another women stating she is fine. She went in on the man who recorded her while she was not in her right state of mind.

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The woman states she is counseling the young woman as a mother counsels her daughter. The woman says she will continue to help the young girl. She states everyone who was on the street that night when the girl was tripping should be ashamed on themselves. She mentioned that the girl took something someone gave her which lead to her tripping out. The woman stated that God bought the young girl to her for a reason and she will continue to do whatever it takes to get her back on her feet. Truly an amazing deed done by this woman.

Wishing that young lady nothing but the best and we hope she gets all the help she needs.

Source: WSHH