Floyd Mayweather was in the building during Manny Pacquiao’s win over Jessie Vargas this past Saturday.  Mayweather didn’t exactly receive a standing ovation, instead, he was booed by fans.  Mayweather’s appearance also reignited talks about a possible rematch between him and Pacquiao.

The first fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao was HIGHLY anticipated but it turned out to be anti-climatic as Floyd easily won, and Manny later revealed that he injured his shoulder prior to the fight.

Pacquiao is eager for a rematch, not only to try and redeem himself, but he’s also having money issues and could use the big payday.

“If we fight again I will do everything in my power to win back the trust of the fans,” Pacquiao told the Daily Mail. “They would not be disappointed again if it happens.”

“I promise to make sure they love it. That is what we owe them. We have not had any discussions about a second fight but I know I will be boxing again. And if the fans want it, why not?

Mayweather declined to discuss a rematch, but he previously said he would need at least $100 million to come out of retirement.  There have also been talks about him doing one more fight as he’s currently 49-0 and 50 would be huge.

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