Pulse Nightclub in Orlando became sadly infamous in June, when an anti-gay man entered with a gun and killed 49 people and injured 53 others.

The club is owned by a woman by the name of Barbara Poma, who opened it in 2004 to “keep her brother’s spirit alive,” as he passed from AIDS in 1991. She didn’t want to sell it because of its sentimental value, but she has since decided to turn it over to the city to turn it into a memorial.

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“Never could I have imagined that the building we built as Pulse Nightclub would not be a part of my daily life. Pulse was a huge part of my heart, my soul and my family,” Poma said in a statement. “As difficult as it is form me to part with Pulse, this transaction ensures that what has become a sacred site will be properly memorialized for generations to come.”

On Monday, the City Council will vote on the purchase of the club, deciding whether or not to approve the $2.25 million transaction.

“It’s the site of the most tragic event that has ever occurred in the city of Orlando,” the city’s mayor said. “We want our entire community to be a part of this site. With the city owning the property, we can engage in a public process to determine the future of the Pulse property and building.”