Nick Gordon, the boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina has now been found liable for his girlfriends death. The judge has asked him to pay forth $36 million to her estate. Bobby Brown stated that his baby girl was going to be big had she not been in the mix with Nick Gordon. Bobby says his daughter was an entertainer and she had a huge future ahead of her. He was asked if he believed Nick Gordon played a part in his daughter’s murder in which he replied “yes.”

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Bobby shed many tears while in court as the pain of losing his daughter still haunts him. Just a partial list of Gordon’s financial repayment consists of:

— Conversion (stealing funds/assets) at $1.5 mil with punitive damages of $250k
— Assault and battery/medical damages at $1.3 mil, plus $4.2 mil because Gordon was under the influence of drugs and alcohol
— Pain and suffering at $13 mil
— Loss of life at $15 mil, including her net worth and future potential income

Kristina’s estate sought to get $40 million in its wrongful death suit against Gordon. The only thing now is to see if Gordon even has it in him to pay up. He was a no-show in court which was no surprise because he hasn’t shown up to any of the dates.

Check out the encounter below.

Source: TMZ