Steve Francis’ legal troubles have taken a bizarre twist.  It turns out there’s a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly burglarizing a BMW outside of a clam restaurant in Florida.

Officials in Florida found out Francis was arrested in Houston for DWI over the weekend and are now trying to extradite him for an alleged burglary that happened in June.

TMZ Sports obtained the police report from that incident and it says the former Francis cased a 2003 BMW parked outside of the Cortez Clam Factory on the evening of June 15th.  Francis allegedly asked the bartender at the restaurant to give him a flashlight, then he went to the car and ransacked it, taking the following items: makeup pouch, wallet, gold wedding ring, gold diamond band, earrings, press credentials and $100 in cash.  The total amount of the goods and cash is $7,252.

Two days later, cops say Francis went to the police department with a clear plastic bag of goods and said, “I just robbed somebody, take me to jail.  I’m turning myself in.”  Despite what appeared to be a confession, Francis left the police station without being charged with a crime.  But now, cops want him on a felony burglary charge, and they want him extradited ASAP.

This is totally weird.  He confessed and they still let him go, and now they’re making a big hoopla out of the situation wanting him extradited.  But anyways, it seems like something is wrong with Francis mentally.  I hope he gets help.

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