NBA: Celebrity Hunting Burglars Hit Nick Young Again, This Time Taking His Entire Safe

Burglars targeting celebrities have struck again and this time Nick Young was the target.  The thieves got away with $500k in cash and jewelry after taking the entire safe of the Los Angeles Laker’s star.

Nicki Minaj Hires 24/7 Security After LA Home Burglary

Screenshot Nicki IG After Nicki’s home was just raided for more then $200,000 worth of stuff, she boosts her security for 24/7 watch.

NBA: Burglar Breaks Into Derek Fisher’s Home Steals His 5 NBA Championship Rings!

Yikes, apparently someone broke into Derek Fisher’s L.A. home.  He told police they stole more than $300,000 worth of valuable jewelry including his 5 NBA championship rings.

NBA: Steve Francis Arrested Again.. This Time for Burglary

Sigh… Steve Francis is back behind bars as he finally turned himself in on a warrant stemming from a burglary charge earlier this year.

(Photo) NFL: Racists Break Into Nikita Whitlock’s Home Steal & Write N-Word & Swastika on Walls

SMH, cops in Moonachie, New Jersey have launched an investigation into a burglary at the home of New York Giants fullback, Nikita Whitlock.  Not only did they steal from him, they also scrawled racist epithets all over the walls.

NBA: Steve Francis Wanted For Burglary in Florida After DWI Arrest in Houston

Steve Francis’ legal troubles have taken a bizarre twist.  It turns out there’s a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly burglarizing a BMW outside of a clam restaurant in Florida.

Rappin’ 4-Tay Arrested For Burglary

Rappin’ 4-Tay is best known for his 90s hit “Playaz Club,” and was back in the news a couple of years back when he settled out of court with Drake, after Drake used some of his lyrics on “Who Do You Love?” Unfortunately, he’s making headlines today because he has been arrested for first degree residential burglary. The arrest actually occurred on September 24, and he’s remained behind bars since then, after failing to make his $112k bail. Damn, he didn’t save the $100k he got from settling with Drizzy?!

NCAAF: Arizona State Football Players Arrested For Burglary Say They Were Just Looking For a Vacuum

Okay now I’ve heard it all.  Campus police say they caught Arizona State football players Jayme Otomewo and Deonte Reynolds in the hallway knocking on an apartment door on Sunday afternoon.  A female student had called police to report two unknown black men in her entryway without permission.  When police questioned the two, they admitted entering a couple of rooms, but said they were simply looking a vacuum.  Yes a vacuum.

NJ Burglary Suspect Reveals Plan With Inadvertent “Butt- Dial” 911 Phone Call

Police report a New Jersey man told on himself by not properly locking his phone to prevent an inadvertent phone call. Out of everyone he could have accidentally called, he just so happened to inform the authorities of his illegal activity.

(Photos) Man Targets Tyga In Successful Burglary

Man Targets Tyga, This guy thought of everything….everything except to target the correct house 0_o Here’s the scenario, dude rolls up on the block and asks ‘where’s Tyga’s house’ (Witness #1), goes directly to the backyard of where pointed to, breaks in, takes a couple things, leaves, calls 911 himself requesting medical assistance(another thing to track), and is picked up….

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