Wow bro, we’re at a quarter…. you know in internet time a week is like a year sooo, yeah we’re at a quarter and dare I say still going strong…. and so MUCH MORE TALENT to go!!! This week we had Harlem’s own smooth guy Nino Man!

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Alright let’s get to the deal, I already fix wit Non lyrically, and I know him thru Kiss, THE HOMIE(that one is going to have to happen sooner than later!!!), so I know he’s a cool dude, and when I found out what beat he wanted to rock over, I smiled…. NY state of mind!

So the night goes as follows, On my way down traffic is absolutely nuts, so I hit video and tell ask(cause I’m polite like that) them to meet me there, then a few step further and I call Nino and find out where he’s at, he’s not far, just not there. I notice there’s so much traffic due to everyone trying to get a jump start on holiday traffic but all the while reading holiday traffic… it’s a paradox ?.
So Any way I get there and Video was waiting for me, but Nino and Flex are still on the way, it’s prob 6mins(you know the song) away from the top of the hour we were supposed to tape. So we go set up, I make sure levels felt good, video setting up notices a technical issue and HAS to go back to the station…. this is 15 after the top of the hour we were supposed to tape(because everyone is late from the traffic)…. it is what it is and so they go, I stay and within the next 15mins Flex and Nino Man show up, so we get the audio together, and surprisingly enough, Video was back within 20mins of them so it wasn’t too bad. Video is ready, we’re ready, so……

His Energy was incredible, he spit that real, plus he gave Funk the props he deserves so I respect the respect given!!

“Always screaming out independent but wish they had Flex”…. y’all don’t even know HOW REAL that is!! Bars lit, I’m not even gonna break em down, let’s just say