#Freestyle26 We back!! Ok this story actually starts a couple weeks back, I got an invite to NOME6 URL rap battle from Mr. Eric Beasley and was excited to go so worked out the schedule, got the tix fro E the Saturday night before, and went down to Irving Plaza, stood in the crowd, experienced it for the first time like an average fan so I could get the full experience. It was SOOOO dope, met some people in the crowd that were cool as hell, let then know I was just jumping into the scene, and they walked me through the Battle Rap scene as THEY see it, as fans, which was a totally diff aspect from the industry.

I was able to watch pretty much the whole event, I missed the 1st round and a half of the Ill Will-Charlie Clips battle…. BTW Derrick Rose was there, and Clips used a line to big up Rose and tear down Will, and Will quickly came back and said ‘D Rose you liked the ?…. Cool, hope your leg stay fucked up’, crowd fell out!! Ok all and all it was a great experience but my actual goal there was to see who would be good to come up and do our freestyle and there were a lot of TOP CHOICES, but the end of the day, we need the main event, the ‘winner’(if you don’t know, URL leaves it up to the public to pick the winner) The Main event was Tay Roc Vs. Rum Nitty, and all about ‘Gun Bar Talk’, To me and the crowd around me felt Tay Roc got that 2 to 1, retaining the title ‘Gun Bar King’.

Bringing us up to date, I hit up Mr. Beasley and asked if he could get Roc to come through, he connected us and Roc was excited to come through!! He hit me earlier in the day and let me know he was on his way to NYC, I asked for the beat and when he told me what he wanted…. Triumph….. Wu-Tang…. I knew….

Boy went in, I’m not even going to break down the bars, but I will highlight;

-Trump running you out ya house reference

-payed respect to Tommy from Martin

All his #gunbartalk

-$1500 off a block soap

-temptation worse than David Ruffin

-Bricks amount per car

-Gave him a tester, he was still hight a week later

-Police favors

-give him my number, tell him we still at it(but the mini doc that came before is whyyyy)

My Guy’s whole set was flames, and it felt like he gave us his whole childhood in that 5:50…And I’m not mad!!