A Baltimore teacher is now being charged with child abuse after he reportedly broke a 7-year-old’s jaw. This is terrible. Imagine getting this call from your child’s school. I would have to hurt someone for real. This is truly unacceptable. The mother of Travon Grayson, Lateekqua Jackson, says her son told her the teacher threw him into the wall. She says her son has nightmares of the horrible incident. Grayson’s jaw was broken two of his teeth were missing.

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Grayson attends, City Springs Elementary school in North Baltimore. The teacher was reportedly escorting the student to the main office for disciplinary reasons. The boy never made it to the office. When his parents arrived he was getting into an ambulance. The teacher was also on the scene with Grayson’s blood all over him. The teacher claims that he put the boy over her shoulder and upon putting him down he was bleeding.That story doesn’t even sound right. Then he proceeded to say “I made a mistake.” Grayson’s parents have since filed a police report. This is so sad. You cant even send your child to school anymore without being concerned. They are atleast suppose to be safe at school and they cant event be that.

Source: WSHH