Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos took a ton of heat for deciding to take a knee during the national anthem of their first game this season, saying he supported what Colin Kaepernick was trying to do. He has since backed off that stance and doesn’t take a knee anymore but that doesn’t mean his beliefs have changed. It’s kind of hard for someone like Marshall to take everyone’s opinion into consideration when he gets hate filled letters like this. Marshall shared a few letters on his Instagram account that are full of sickening, racist messages, even telling him to go back to Africa, that he received after he took that knee. It’s letters like this from idiots out there that further show the reason Marshall was taking the knee in the first place.


Just a heads up to some of the readers, the wording in these letters is very disturbing and offensive. Marshall deserves even more credit for dealing with things like this and still carrying himself with class.

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Welcome to America, where people only value what you believe in if it matches their own beliefs.