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Kevin Garnett’s “Area 21” segment on “Inside The NBA” has been a big hit since the season started and last night was another reason why. We all know KG has no filter when he talks and he already had fans laughing when he had Candace Parker on last night and claimed she was the real “CP3”, even having a mannequin wearing a t-shirt that said the same thing. Turns out there were much bigger laughs to come.


After the night of games on TNT ended, Charles Barkley wanted to make sure Garnett saw a tweet from a viewer who said KG was too old to be wearing skinny jeans. That’s when we were reminded about that whole no filter thing with him.

KG is actually supposed to hit the “cuss” button anytime he is swearing but he forgot to do it last night and as you heard, it caused everyone on the show to start dying with laughter.

Let’s all hope KG never stops being this way.