50 Cent has paid rapper Troy Ave a visit in the hospital after he was shot on Christmas. Troy was shot in the arm and a bullet grazed his head.

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50 took to Instagram to post a photo of he and Troy saying,

Dope boy Troy all good, Merry Christmas

According to Troy’s lawyer, he and his girlfriend were stopped at a light when a gunman with a hoodie pulled down to obscure his face and started shooting through the driver’s side window. John Stella states,

“He looked to his left. He saw that the guy had a gun and was about to fire, and he started driving away. He continued driving and he reached the point where he was bleeding pretty profusely, and apparently a good Samaritan drove him and his girl a couple of blocks the rest of the way to Brookdale.”

A bullet his Troy in his shoulder and then remained lodged in his back. Stella says,

“He’s in pain, but he’s grateful. He said to me that he feels blessed that this wasn’t fatal in the end,”

Troy is currently on $500,000 bail following the Irving Plaza shooting that left his bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter, dead.

Dope boy Troy all good, Merry Christmas

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