These woman are CRAZY! In a video, we see a woman coming to a mans house and literally begging him for sex. The woman’s kids are in the car and she is trying to get this man to sleep with her for the last time. The man tells the woman that he no longer wants anything to do with her because she has a man. She says she doesn’t. The man even tells the woman that he is recording her and her response is “i don’t care, I’m grown.”

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Desperate isnt the word. This woman is literally trying to stop at nothing to get this man to sleep with her. She says she needs “one for the road.” This man must have the golden tool because she is not letting up. Towards the end of the video, the man tells her she needs to leave and cater to the young child she has in the back of the car. So apparently this woman was going to leave the kid in the car while she has her “one for the road” sex. Crazy!

Check out the full encounter below.

Source: WSHH