Sex For Sandwiches? Greece’s Economy Has Gotten So Bad Women Resort To This…


A new study is showing the young women of Greece are now selling themselves for as cheap as a sandwich, due to the severe condition of Greece’s economy. Hit the jump for the full story.

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WTF: More People Than Ever Are Having Sex With Horses In Switzerland

IFWT_ Jared_Kreft_Horse

I mean we all knew the world was weird but c’mon now. Animal lovers are going below the belt as sources say more and more people are having sex with horses in Switzerland. How could you ever even do such a thing?

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(Photos) NBA: Ayesha Curry Reveals What It Takes For Steph To Have HER For Dinner After Games


Ayesha & Steph Curry may be God fearing people who are very much into their faith but apparently when Steph comes home after a good game, they do things they wouldn’t want to talk with the Lord about. In all seriousness, this couple seems to have the bond and chemistry that most other married couples would kill for and they always find ways to have fun with each other. Case in point would be Ayesha’s recent response on twitter to a fan who posted an image of Steph with a caption about three point shots and having “bae” for dinner. I would expect Steph to make sure he hits at least five 3-point shots every game the rest of the way! Check the gallery!

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Wow…Man Accidentally Kills Woman During ‘Freaky Sex’


Gunsex? A Florida man is behind bars today after he accidentally shot his role-playing partner during ‘freaky sex’. Read the full story after the jump.

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Dam…Couple Dies While Having Sex At Their Daughter’s Wedding


A married couple tried to get busy this week while in attendance at their daughter’s wedding but instead ended in a fatal turn of events. Full story after the jump.

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(Video) Gabourey Sidibe Is Proud Of Her Sex Scene On Empire


Gabourey, who stars as Becky on the FOX powerhouse hit show Empire, has no apologies for showing her plus-sized chocolate skin on prime-time TV last week during her sex scene.

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(Photo) Drinking Beer Makes You Better In Bed !


So apparently, to enhance your performance in bed, all you need to do it chug down a few beers! But be careful, there are other repercussions for having too many!

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Wrap It Up: “Netflix & Chill” Now Has It’s Own Condom Out!


All those in favor of enjoying some quality TV and some sexy time are very well aquatinted with the term, “Netflix & Chill.” Now to further ensure a safe and responsible time doing so, University of Texas at Austin graduate Yousef Okasheh thought it would be hilarious to sell condoms after the very popular phrase has gained such popularity.

“I saw a couple memes have been floating around, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I think it would be hilarious to quickly sell [condoms],’” Okasheh explained to Fusion in a recent interview.

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HIV Positive Man Arrested For Passing Disease To 7 Women & Not Telling Them

Jason Alexander Young

A man by the name of Jason Alexander Young from Cedartown, Georgia has been arrested for not telling the women he has unprotected sex with that he is HIV positive.

After infecting seven different women thus far with the HIV virus, he was brought up on seven different charges for “reckless conduct by an HIV-infected person.” Being that he did time back in October of 2011 in Aiken County, South Carolina for similar offenses, the police believe that there are more victims out there that have yet to come forward.

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Finally Legal: The Porn Offers Are Rolling In For Kylie Jenner & Tyga!


The world has been waiting for Kylie Jenner to finally turn 18 for NUMEROUS reasons – mainly because now she can do all of the “adult” things that she was already doing but legally.

We all knew it wouldn’t take long before the porn companies started throwing offers Kylie’s way. As of now, Vivid Entertainment offered Kylizzie $10M for a sex-tape with her and Tyga. To try to convince her, the head of Vivid Steve Hirsch told Kylie, “Kim’s sex tape helped launch her career and would be nothing but positive for you.”

Shortly after, BangYouLater offered Kylie the same deal but with $1.8 million more saying, “This event will make you even more famous than either Kim K or Paris Hilton.” They also said that it has to be more than 22 minutes long and that Tyga’s performance has to be “A1.”

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