Nicki Minaj Reveals She Demands Orgasm Every Time!


Imagine having sex with Nicki Minaj? Well, imagine no more. The rapper got up close and personal in an interview with Cosmopolitan for the most recent issue. The 32-year old revealed that she is very demanding and particular when it comes to the bedroom. Hit the jump to get all the deets.

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(Video) Fellas: Does Size Matter To The Ladies? Find Out Here!


There are various different theories as to whether or not size matters in the bedroom. A bunch of ladies from ages 18-50 participated in a video-tapped survey explaining their thoughts on size vs. the motion of the ocean. Fellas– find out the truth below!

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(Video) WTF?! Man Caught On Tape Having Sex With A Porsche!


I know there are plenty of auto enthusiasts out here, but this guy needs some help! This sexy white Porsche gets it from the front and the back by this idiot. Check out the video!

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Teacher Caught Having Sex With Student After His EX-GF Exposes Them


A 24 year-old high school science teacher was arrested for allegedly having sex with a student. The arrest comes after the student’s ex-girlfriend exposed the inappropriate behavior.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Super Model Lais Ribeiro Goes Topless For Morena Magazine!


Brazilian super model, Lais Ribeiro is fairly new to the U.S. scene. What better way to introduce herself, than an intimate photoshoot in her apartment? This shoot is like nothing you’re used to seeing in a magazine! Check the flicks in the gallery!

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People Who Eat This Food Have More Sex, According To New Study!!


Now don’t turn into a peeping Tom outside of every restaurant, looking for the freak of the week after you hear the results of this NEW study!!

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(Video) Did Society Pressure Dej Loaf Into Exploring Her More Sexy Side?


Dej Loaf sheds some layers for brand NEW video, Me U & Hennessy. Is she finally revealing the super feminine side of herself that’s been hiding or is she trying to keep up with the Jones’? She breaks away from the predictable Tomboy couture look she’s infamous for and embraces a more delicate side of herself. Whether she’s pouring Frosted Flakes in a red terry cloth robe, or rolling around on down feather comforters, she is undeniably sexy! Her fans love her no holds bar attitude either way. But, did she conform to society’s expectations of what a sexy woman should be for the right reasons?

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(Photos) Sports: Porn Star Mia Khalifa Fires Shots At The WNBA


I guess it is safe to say Mia Khalifa is not a fan of women’s basketball. The porn star who has seen her fame explode over the past year is a big sports fan. You can always catch her rooting for Florida State football and Lacrosse among other teams and sports. But when it comes to the WNBA, you might expect her to show love because it’s women showing off their own athletic skills, but apparently not so much. The WNBA held their draft last night and Mia (clearly throwing shade) tweeted she didn’t even realize they had a draft because she thought they took volunteers. I am sure her mentions have been on fire today and not in a good way. Check the gallery!

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(Photo) Could This Possibly Be The FLYEST Sex Position Ever?!?!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

I’ve NEVER Seen a ‘Flyer’ Sex Position That This!!! Hit the gallery to see for yourself!!!

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OUCH I Know That Hurt!! Man Heard Penis Break During Sex!!


Men, imagine having that good ol’ toe curling sex and then “SNAP” your penis broke!
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