(Graphic Content) WTF: Woman Has Sex In A Park While Her Daughter Watches

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At one point, I questioned if this video was even real. In the footage, we see a woman having sex in broad daylight at a park. To make matters worse, her daughter was literally sitting right there watching the whole thing.

Virginia Mayor Richard Silverthorne Arrested For Exchanging Meth For Sex!


In other news…

(Video) Amber Rose Gives Conan And Dax Shepard Orgy Advice


Dax Shepard is a bonafide freak! During his interview with Conan, he talks about possibly setting up a scenario where they will swap wives lmao. Then Amber Rose, host of the new show “Sex Positive,” comes along and tries to guide them in the process.

Hold Up: Bobby Brown Says He Has Had Sex With Ghost


Bobby Brown says that he has had sexual intercourse with ghost before. I know what you’re thinking ‘it had to be the drugs’ but according to Bobby, he was completely sober. Crazy right?

(Photo + Video) Hold Up: Woman Busts A Freestyle While Having Sex


Out of all places this woman could have completed her freestyle, she did it while having sex. In a video posted on Twitter, the woman is recording herself freestyle as her ‘homeboy’ is giving her the business in the back. Why she thought this was okay? The world may never know.

High School Girl Has Sex With 25 Boys In The School Bathroom!

This story would be shocking even if we were talking about a college freshman, but a 15 year old freshman in high school??? Nah…

Study Finds That 1 In 10 People Check Their Phone During Sex


A recent study has just found out that a lot of people actually check their phones during sex. Im not sure if thats a good or bad thing. Is the sex that bad that people feel the need to check their phone? Or is the cellular device just that addicting that people cant even enjoy an intimate night.

(Video) Pilot For New Anime, Urbance, a World Where Having Sex Kills You!!

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Urbance is a new animated series that tells the story of a universe where gender is split in an all out war and having sex will kill you!

(Video) Female Ted Cruz Lookalike Agrees To Do Porn For Some Serious Cash

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Today in weird news we have an odd case of cashing in on 5 minute fame. Searcy Hayes appeared on the Maury show which aired on Monday April 18th. By Monday night she went viral after viewers compared her to be the female twin of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Hayes went on the show in typical Maury fashion of her fiancee accusing her of cheating, resulting in a DNA test to prove their 3 month old baby was indeed his.

(Video) LMAO: Boy Asks His Mom For Sex Advice


In a video, a boy is seen telling his mom that he has a girl flying in to see him. He goes on to ask his mother if she can make herself, “invisible” so that he can have sex with this girl. He even asks his mom for some sex advice! You can tell this boy and his mother have a pretty cool relationship. Her responses are too funny!

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