(Video) Say What?! 10 Sex Facts That Will Make You Feel Better …Or Worse! (18+)

10 crazy sex facts

Everyone’s either talking about it or doing it – SEX! With cuffing season coming up, you may want to do some research before trying to warm up this winter. I kid, I kid. Although you may think you’re in the know about this hot topic, you have no idea. Check out 10 crazy facts about sex that will either make you feel better or worst about your intimate life. To see the video, click below.

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(Video) WTF?! A Show where People Have Sex In a Box May Make Its Way To A TV Near You


First MTV aired Dating Naked, Now WETV is uping the Ante by having contestants skip right down to the nitty gritty. In the show couples or people looking to get laid, go on a live stage, enter a box and have sex inside. A panel of sex experts wait for them to finish and then the couple comes out and talk about sexual needs that are not being meet. The show will mirror British reality series called Sex Box. The series is in the works of development set to air in 2015. Freaky..isnt it? How many of you would tune it?
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shanice core

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(Photos) Really? Siblings Have Sex Near Church After Watching ‘The Notebook’

Blame it on the movie huh? After watching ‘The Notebook’ Two Georgia siblings went into a tractor trailer that was parked outside of a church and had sex three times. How gross is that? Did they realize that they share a mother? Anyway it’s over the top what these crazy kids are being charged with, check it out!

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Say WHAT?!! Ohio Man Admits That He Had Sex With 100 Dead Women?!


YES! You read right! An Ohio resident by the name of Kenneth Douglas came clean and admitted to the unthinkable. Having sex with over 100 DEAD women.
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Getcho Life: Houston Mom Arrested For Locking Daughter Out Of The House To Have Sex!


A North Houston woman has been arrested for locking her 6-year-old child outside of the house while she decided to sex her boyfriend. She told her tiny child to “go play outside” but luckily a gas station attendant noticed her wandering around (after she’d already gone to the store there twice that day unsupervised) and notified the authorities immediately. When the police got to the apartment, it was locked from the inside and the young girl did not have a key. The manager of the housing complex that they live in also told reporters that he notices the 6-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy unsupervised quite frequently. 22-year-old Jolisa Renee Peterson has been charged with child endangerment and is still locked up. Her bail has been set at $2,000.

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Wrap It Up: California Passes Law Making Condoms Mandatory In Porno Shoots!


Although most porno stars are also required to get tested for STDs and AIDS before filming, nothing is ever guaranteed. The California State Assembly just passed a law requiring all adult film actors to strap up during their pornographic shoots in Cali. According to State Assemblyman Isadore Hall, STDs are out of control in the porno industry and it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, Vivid president Steve Hirsch says he’ll make sure his videos aren’t shot where this law is in effect because he claims their testing procedures are more than enough. One porn executive told TMZ they already lost approximately $100 million dollars from this law. He explained that 480 permits were issued in 2012 and after the condom law passed, the number dropped down to 40 in 2013 and only 30 for 2014. Hall argues that the porno companies can digitally remove the condoms and that they’re full of sh*t. Although statistics show that 11% of the females in the porno industry have contracted gonorrhea from unprotected sex during filming and 15% tested positive for chlamydia. WELP…. wrap that thang up, gentleman.

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(Caught On Tape) No Chill At ALL! Couple Gets It Poppin’ In BROAD DAY LIGHT At The Park!


A crazy couple was caught on camera doing the nasty at a park in the daytime with tons of people around. That’s skill! Check it out below.

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SMH: Woman Abandons Her Two Young Children In Her Car To Show Her BF What That Mouth Do!!


Sad news in parenting. 25-year-old Princess Marks of Lake Charles, Louisiana is in hot water with the law. She left her two children, ages 5 and 7, in her car while she went to show her boyfriend what that mouth do. And no, it wasn’t an argument, but things got heated. More info after the jump.

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This Can’t Be Real Life: Woman Finds Lost Sex Toy In Her Vag After How Many YEARS?!

IFWT_Sex Toy

Yes, yes, indeed this is a factual story. In actuality, the story has already made its way to the ‘Journal Of Sexual Medicine’, where it outlines how a Scottish woman took herself the hospital for symptoms of tiredness and weight loss, only to discover she unknowingly had a sex toy stuck up there?! Yikes. Get details inside!

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Khloe Kardashian Explains “No Sex” With New Beau French Montana.

Khloe In French Music video

Khloe Kardashian is not afraid to put her new man French Montana on blast! Read on to find out what she has to say…

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