(Video) LMAO, That What?! Plies Details How To Take Care Of A Woman Sexually

IFWT Plies Screenshot

I don’t know about all of you, but I am highly entertained by Plies and his online antics on the regular. If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you’re missing some free grade A entertainment. The “Bust It Baby” rapper gets into detail on camera on how to perform sexual acts on females, how they should handle themselves as women, how to deal with heauxs and so on. For some reason, I can’t stop watching this video. Who knows, maybe it’s his down south accent. All I know is Plies is H I L A R I O U S! Check out the compilation video below of Plies offering his [super country-sounding] sex advice for the world. Thanks for the pointers… I think? LOL! Gentleman– sit back and take notes.

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(Photos) Shots Fired: Joe Budden Says Jhonni Blaze Gives WEAK Head!


New Jersey rapper Joe Budden is known for voicing his opinion very openly via his Twitter page about just about ANYTHING that comes to his mind. Recently, thick vixen Jhonni Blaze revealed that her ex-boyfriend is debuting their sex tape online at www.JhonniBlazeXXX.com. During an exclusive interview with Vlad TV, a clip of Jhonni’s sex tape was shown where you can see her performing sexual oral acts on her ex in the XXX video. With no shame, Joe Budden hops on Twitter and sounds off about her head game and how it looks weak. He also offers his help and says he will teach her, but his “days of teaching women how to have sex are over.” Immediately, Jhonni clapped back and says Joe’s “Finger game is just OKAY.” She then later went on to confirm that she and Joe never had sex and that the two just have very playful relationship. Hmmmmm, do we think Joey chopped Jhonni Blaze down #OrNah?! He does have a VERY impressive track record so I would not be surprised at all.

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(18+ Photos) Is There Gonna Be A Wiz Khalifa Sextape??


If there was a Wiz Khalifa Sextape, would you watch it? From the looks of the comments going around about Wiz Khalifa’s ‘man parts’, A lot, I mean A LOT of women would watch a Wiz Khalifa Sextape!!

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(18+ Video) Getting ‘Top’ And Pulling Prostitute In GTAV As 1st Person


Whoa, the incredible visuals in the next-gen version dropped yesterday, and already they have 1st Person Of Pulling Prostitute In GTAV!!!

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys CJ Spillman Accused Of A Second Rape!!


Dallas Cowboys defensive back C.J. Spillman, who is already being investigated for an alleged sexual assault of a woman in September may already have been involved in a situation like this before. A report has surfaced where he was accused of a previous sexual assault that for whatever reason was never really investigated.

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WHET?! Woman Grows Sprouts Out Of Her Vagina After Using A Potato As A Contraceptive?

IFWT_Potato As Contraception

Looks like we may have heard it all. In just plain strange news, it looks like Colombian school officials along with the parent of one Colombian girl should receive a ‘D’ for inadequately preparing this young girl with taking PROPER safe sex measures. See what happened within this young girl decided to plant a potato in her vaginal “garden” inside!

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(18+ Video) Caught On Tape: Couple ‘Smashing’ On The Street Between 2 Cars


Actually, I can’t tell if this is a couple, or dude got a hooker, but either way, these are 2 nasty motherf***ers!!

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(Video) Sports: Hulk Hogan’s Family Involved In “Threesome” Reality Sex Show??


Hulk Hogan has not built up his brand to watch someone else tear it down and he is about to fight it out in the courts over it. Hulk’s nephew, David Bollea aka King David Hogan, a former pro MMA fighter, is banking off the family name in efforts to land a deal for his threesome based show that helps him and his girl pick one girl from a group of sixteen to join them, based off the style of any other wanna be dating show on VH1. The Hulkster is already threatening the nephew that he claims he has only met twice and he is not going to get away with using his family name for the show. Hit the jump.

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(18+ Video) This Banned Commercial May Turn Your ‘Head’!!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

This commercial had to be banned, at least in Japan, but I couldn’t see this air in the US either, but it’s funny if you’re not paying attention…

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(Video) Say What?! 10 Sex Facts That Will Make You Feel Better …Or Worse! (18+)

10 crazy sex facts

Everyone’s either talking about it or doing it – SEX! With cuffing season coming up, you may want to do some research before trying to warm up this winter. I kid, I kid. Although you may think you’re in the know about this hot topic, you have no idea. Check out 10 crazy facts about sex that will either make you feel better or worst about your intimate life. To see the video, click below.

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