Photo Credit: YouTube / VladTV

Photo Credit: YouTube / VladTV

Just like he has with all of his other insane, attention-whoring antics over the last few months, Soulja Boy is now apologizing for his beefs once again.

Following the Chris Brown debacle, Soulja allegedly learned his mother is in the hospital, so he suddenly has a different set of priorities. He says his mom will be fine, thankfully.

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Not sure if I believe the story (and for those who say he’d never lie about his mom…maybe she went in for something WAY smaller than he’s making it seem, so he’s technically “not lying,”) and I can bet money on the fact that his antics won’t stop. He wants attention, period, and he’s going to go after it by any means necessary. Can’t this kid some help…

Also – it’s to be noted that he said his mom JUST went to the hospital, so he’s NOT saying his behavior is a reaction to it. Therefore, there’s no reason for him to not continue to act like a damn fool…