(Video) Radio Host Who Called Waka Flocka The “N” Words Offers To Apologize If Waka Does This!

Recently Waka Flocka took the jersey of a fan and wiped his behind with it. Radio personality Bob Romanik went in on Flocka calling him a “greasy black n***** son of a bitch.” He now says he will apologize to Waka under one condition. Waka has to stop using violence in his music to get an apology out of him.

(Photo) Lauryn Hill Issues Apology To Fans For Late Pittsburgh Show

Lauryn Hill fans were very upset with her this week, after she was over 3 hours late to her show in Pittsburgh. While Lauryn is sadly infamous for her extreme tardiness over the years, she seemed to have been pretty timely on her recent tour, so this upset fans even more than usual. Taking to Twitter today, the iconic singer issued both an apology and an explanation, promising she will soon make it up as well. Check out what she said below and let us know – are you buying it?

(Video) Soulja Boy Apologizes For The Beef, Says His Mom Is In The Hospital

Just like he has with all of his other insane, attention-whoring antics over the last few months, Soulja Boy is now apologizing for his beefs once again. Following the Chris Brown debacle, Soulja allegedly learned his mother is in the hospital, so he suddenly has a different set of priorities. He says his mom will be fine, thankfully.

(Video) Woman’s Car Is Stolen But Then Returned With Gas Money And An Apology Note

A woman from Oregon was able to receive her stolen car back with gas money and a apology note attached. The red Subaru went missing on Tuesday night. The hijacking was caught on camera.

(Video) A Chicago Woman Walks 20 Miles A Day With A Sign Reading ‘Black America, I’m Sorry’

Talk about someone with a good heart. A Chicago woman makes it a priority to walk 20 miles a day with a sign that apologizes to black America. The sign read, ‘”Black America I’m Sorry!” The sign has gotten the attention of many as people honk, wave, and even take pictures with the woman.

(Video) Microsoft Issues an Apology For Having Half Naked ‘Dancing School Girls’ at Party

Women in Tech has become a real ‘hot button’ issue, the fact that Women in Tech account for a very low percentage of actual hires at the big companies, so when Microsoft hired some women to work an after party for the SF Game Developers conference you would think it was good, BUT….

(Video) Steve Harvey Issues A Tearful Apology To Both Miss Columbia And Miss Philippines

The huge mixup at the Miss Universe pageant back in December, where host Steve Harvey accidentally read the card wrong and said Miss Colombia was the winner when in reality, it was Miss Philippines that took the crown is still taking it’s toll on both the host and the pageant queens. It has now been reported that Steve Harvey has invited both Miss Columbia and Miss Philippines to his show to have a face-to-face apology. Miss Columbia who was humiliated when she had her crown snatched, even managed to make a deal with NBC to appear on Harvey’s talk show, “Today,” and Telemundo. The ladies will appear on the Steve Harvey show separately and we already have a clip from the winner, Miss Philippines’ time on the show and Harvey sobbed as he apologized for his mistake. Check out it below.

(Photo) August Alsina Goes Off On Def Jam For Leaking Album

August Alsina had some choice words for his label last night, after finding out his album, This Thing Called Life, was leaked days before its December 11th release date. Clearly frustrated, Alsina went on a full blown Twitter rant calling out Def Jam, claiming they were the ones responsible for the leak. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Erykah Badu Apologizes (SORTA) To Iggy Azalea

UPDATE: Iggy Azalea responded to Erykah Badu’s apology video via Twitter, saying that she accepts and appreciates it. She even went as far as to acknowledge Badu’s joke about her kids loving Iggy but acting up in school. She said, “Tell the kids I’m a big fan of mom, even if we don’t agree where to file my music in their iTunes folder.” She then revealed she will be going on tour soon & invited Erykah’s kids and friends (if they have good grades) to a show anytime. Click the gallery to see her full response. ORIGINAL: Incase you missed it, Erykah Badu hosted the 2015 Soul Train Awards just a few weeks back. While hosting Ms. Badu took a shot at Iggy Azalea while acting out a skit. While answering a pretend cell phone, Badu said, “Who is this? Iggy Azalea? Yeah, hey… no, no, no, you can come, ’cause what you doin’ is definitely not rap.” Following the awards, Iggy came back from her social media hiatus to respond to the comments. Since then things got quiet between the two, that was until Erykah Badu opened up her Twitter for a Q&A with fans. One fan asked her, “why you do Iggy like that” and her answer turned out to be a video apology to the rapper from down under. Check out out below.

Bloomingdale’s Publicly Apologizes For Telling Customers To “Spike Your Friend’s Eggnog”

It looks like Bloomingdale’s is getting into the holiday spirit just a tad bit early and causing controversy while doing so. The head of their marketing department approved an ad with a man and a woman standing next to each other with some iffy text next to them that says, “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking.”

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