Photo Credit: ESPN

Photo Credit: ESPN

Ronda Rousey and Floyd Mayweather have had issues in the past but after each loss, he’s shown her support.  After her loss to Amanda Nunes, many people have been saying Rousey’s UFC career is over;  Mayweather doesn’t think so, saying “A true champion can bounce back.”

Mayweather began the interview with noting that people pitted Rousey against him because of the domestic violence claims against him.  He again denied that they were true, and again asked for proof photos.

“Am I guilty of restraining someone? Yes. I’m not perfect,” said Mayweather.  “God only made one thing perfect … that’s my boxing record.”

On the issue of Rousey, Mayweather encouraged her to get back in the Octagon and fight again.

“Stay focused … go back to the drawing board.”

He added, “2017 is a whole new year.”

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