Via Complex

Via Complex

48-year-old Sandra Jametski, has been charged with malicious harassment after she went on a Facebook live rant about a woman named Dolores and her “Spanish privilege.” She says the woman does not live far from her but her comments were crazy. As Jametski was talking about the woman, she was in her vehicle following her.

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Jametski says,

“This is America. We don’t drive like that here. We don’t drive like you’re in Mexico, lady,”

She went on to say,

“This is my freakin’ neighborhood. This is where I grew up. I grew up here, not them. This woman don’t deserve to belong here, she don’t belong here. She don’t [expletive] belong here,”

Jametski confronted Delores and threatened to ram into her car. Delores didn’t contact the police about the incident. However, her daughter found the video and contacted them herself. 21-year-old Adriana said,

“She knew our house, she knew our cars, she knew where my brother goes to school. She seemed to have a personal vendetta against everyone in our family. We just felt really threatened and scared and just didn’t feel safe.”

Source: Complex