(Video) A Women Has Now Been Charged With A Hate Crime Following A ‘Spanish Privilege’ Rant On Facebook Live

48-year-old Sandra Jametski, has been charged with malicious harassment after she went on a Facebook live rant about a woman named Dolores and her “Spanish privilege.” She says the woman does not live far from her but her comments were crazy. As Jametski was talking about the woman, she was in her vehicle following her.

(Video) If You’re a Troll, You’re Probably A Sadist!

Anyone that has ever put out ‘work’ on the internet understands the level of ‘criticism’ that usually comes with it, although one may be looking for ‘feedback’ but that’s not usually what they get, they get the ‘HATE’!

Amber Rose Has A Very Blunt Message For The Haters In Her Instagram Comments

Today seems like the day that Amber Rose is just NOT with the sh*ts. Muva is constantly experiencing a whole bunch of negativity via her Instagram comments, which is nothing new, but sometimes people just take it way too far. She posted a photo of baby Bash with lip stick stains all over his face (from her obviously) and people felt the need to add their two cents in on her parenting skills.

(Photos) NBA: Steph Curry & Andrew Bogut Take Shots At Former Coach Mark Jackson For His MVP Comments

Straight up, some of these athletes need to stop acting like girls and being so emotional about things. So what if a fan or coach or analyst doesn’t agree with your way of thinking. Is everyone supposed to think the exact same way and agree on everything related to your career just so you can feel better about yourself? Man f*ck that! As you can see I am sick of athletes (and rappers) getting upset just cause someone doesn’t share the same opinion as them. Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut both took shots at Mark Jackson because he said James Harden would be his MVP this season.

(Video) NBA: Say What? Hall Of Famer Says Michael Jordan Was “Average” ??

The word “average” and Michael Jordan should never be close to each other in the same sentence when we are talking basketball. So I am not sure whether to call Hall of Famer Bill Walton a hater or a psycho after his comments about Michael the other night on ESPN.

(Photos) Christina Milian Is Upset & Clapping Back Over Sweet 16 Rumors!

A rumor spread over the weekend that Christina Milian was denied from her boo’s daughter’s huge Sweet 16 bash, which led to tons of people making fun of her on social media. Christina didn’t help squash the rumors either when she shared a photo of her daughter on the way to a “princess party” while dressed in all white – the same colors that Reginae was using for her party’s theme. Turns out Christina really wasn’t in Atlanta alongside her man Lil Wayne, as she was home in L.A., and actually attending the princess-themed party that Worldstar CEO, Q, was throwing for his daughter. Meanwhile…her “boyfriend” was hanging out with his fianceé at the Sweet 16, just days after he was hugged up with Milian in L.A. Shame!

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