image via: tmz

Well it didn’t take Floyd Mayweather long to respond to Dana White’s offer of both Floyd & Conor McGregor getting $25 million dollars each plus a split of pay per view buys. In case you missed it earlier today, White was on FS1 when he laid down what he claimed was a real offer.


White offered the $25 million to each fighter after Floyd claimed he had offered Conor $15 million plus a PPV split to fight as long as Floyd got $100 million guaranteed.

As you already expected, we knew Floyd would laugh at that offer. That amount of money literally doesn’t do anything for a guy like Floyd who has already cleared $100 million for one night of work with ease.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. Discussions for the fight will never advance if White and McGregor don’t humble themselves. Floyd is the one with the real star power in this situation and they aren’t used to that. If Manny Pacquiao didn’t make anything near the same as Floyd for their fight a few years ago, then McGregor should be realistic about what he should really make.