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Kyrie Irving is originally a kid from Jersey, who went to “The Patrick School” in Elizabeth, New Jersey and despite all of the accolades since he left town, it seems he is still in touch with where he came from. After hearing about a student with a medical condition that prevented him from attending the school because the cost of doctor related visits plus tuition was too much, Kyrie stepped up and covered all the expenses.


12 year old Spencer Joyner was diagnosed with “pseudotumor cerebri” last year, which results in severe headaches at times, as well as temporary blindness. It’s a struggle for Joyner to walk and draw and do some basic things we take for granted. After hearing about Joyner, Kyrie covered the $11,000 cost of the tuition.

“It’s very important, especially if you have the means to do it,” Irving said, per Zagsblog. “I’m just thankful that I have a great support system and great financial team that allows [me] to give back to our community and support those kids, not only just the athletes but the students that we have at the school.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Spencer’s father, Mel, thinks Kyrie secretly took care of a $1,200 medical bill because the amount due just disappeared while he was still in the hospital. “We were putting two and two together and said, ‘Maybe it’s [Irving].”

As you might expect, Spencer himself couldn’t be happier about Kyrie coming to his aid. “It made me feel really good and lucky to have one of my favorite players do that.”

This is the type of thing that even Golden State Warriors fans out there have to salute.

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