IFWT_Mike Tyson
image via: youtube

One of the last items Tupac Shakur ever physically touched is now going up for auction and the current owner believes it will fetch some serious money.


The ticket stub Tupac had to the Mike Tyson fight when he knocked out Bruce Seldon on the night of September, 7th 1996, shortly before he was shot on the Las Vegas strip, is now going to hit the auction block and is expected to sell for at least $25,000!

Pac reportedly handed his ticket stub to a guy in the crowd after the fight ended and said “here you go boy, enjoy this”.

The guy eventually sold it to someone who was able to verify that it was in fact Tupac’s ticket stub and it was he who contacted Goldin Auctions about possibly selling it.

Ironically, the stub that Pac gave to the initial fan at the fight likely wouldn’t have been worth anything if he wasn’t tragically shot and killed that same night. Plenty of celebrities go to fights all the time and their stubs aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

Regardless, since Pac’s name is attached, someone is going to get a nice come up even after paying the auction fees.