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There has been plenty of noise coming from Cleveland this week after Lebron essentially called out his front office for not getting him more help. “We need a mother f*cking playmaker” was what Bron said after a Cavs loss earlier in the week. He was referring to needing a solid backup point guard to help take some of the pressure off himself & Kyrie when it comes to making things happen for other guys. He chose to vent his frustration to the media, rather than keep it quiet and deal with things internally.


It’s the way he handled things that has some people upset. Not too mention the fact that Lebron has pretty much consistently asked for more help, despite having all the help he needs and winning a title last season. It’s like his roster is never good enough for him when the team struggles, even though he essentially put this team together.

To try and kill the drama going on, Lebron tweeted out earlier this week to attempt to clarify what he was saying.

He continued, this time quoting Big Sean.

The Cavs have been pretty bad since the start of 2017, having a losing record, which included a beat down at the hands of the Warriors, the only team Lebron is really worried about when he looks at his roster.

Eventually they will get back on track and make the NBA finals but it feels they would have no chance in a series against the Warriors this time with the addition of Durant. The guys from Inside the NBA discussed how Lebron has been handling things and as you will see, it got heated between Shaq & Chuck, with some low-key jabs being thrown at each other.

Both guys, along with Kenny Smith made good points. If you want to look at it the way Shaq did, there is nothing wrong with wanting better players around you but you should never talk to the media first. On the other hand, Barkley is tired of Lebron constantly wanting more help, when he already gets all the help he ever wants. Judging by how the conversation went, it was clear both guys felt very strongly about their opinions on the matter.