#Freestyle040 Ok, I’m not going to front, this freestyle threw me for a loop, I really didn’t think he was going to put some BARS up, but he damn sure did the damn ting.

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I don’t have a whole long story, except we were taping a new DJ segment that will drop Tues;

And I asked Funk if we def still have a freestyle with this other thing we’re taping(#5MinutesOfFunk), he told me ‘of course’, and he said it was Zoey Dollar, and I’m not even gonna front, I gave a face like ?, but Pleasantly surprised, the BARS rang off;

You can’t tell me that wasn’t a refreshing surprise for a southern artists to have BARS, there’s only been a handful…. 3 Stack/Big Boi, Dungeon Fam pretty much as a whole, Ross, TI i Guess, maybe a couple others that aren’t coming to mind, but I def wasn’t thinking Zoey Dollaz was going to join that click…but here he is ?.