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The soap opera that has been the drama between Charles Barkley and Lebron James appears to finally be winding down. Each guy said what they said, from Chuck accusing Lebron of not wanting to compete, to Lebron calling him a “hater” and so on but you knew Barkley would talk about it again last night on “Inside The NBA.” He stood by what he said about Lebron but also tried to be clear it wasn’t a personal attack. As you will see, it’s still something Shaq doesn’t agree with.


Barkley, as I have previously mentioned, makes good points with his arguments. It was wrong for Lebron to publicly cry for help as if he didn’t build this current Cavs teams to his exact wants. His team faced a little adversity and he was ready to run and look for whoever else could help , essentially throwing his current guys under the bus. I still believe Barkely was well within his right to say what he said.

Shaq, however, does not agree and continued to defend Lebron last night and the way he reacted. For some reason, this topic seems to be a very sketchy one between Shaq & Barkley.

Hopefully this is the end of all of this fake drama and we can get back to just basketball. Both Barkley and Lebron are entitled to their personal opinions and it’s clear they won’t be seeing eye to eye and that’s fine.