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Earlier this week, after some pressure from NBA commissioner Adam Silver, as well as help from Michael Jordan, Knicks owner James Dolan ended his ban on Charles Oakley coming to MSG and extended an olive branch of peace to Oakley by inviting him to be his guest. It seemed like it might be the end of the drama that has been going on between the two of them but don’t count on Oakley letting things go just because Dolan is ready to move forward.

“No, some things can’t be solved,” Oakley said in an interview with

After the way he was treated by security and forcibly removed from MSG and arrested, as well as the comments by Dolan in the aftermath of that, saying Oakley is an alcoholic and needs help, the Knicks legend is not ready to let bygones be bygones.

Oakley said Thursday that the issue wasn’t going to be resolved after one meeting with Dolan.

“I told them I’d rather go to jail than them saying they did something for me,” Oakley said. “That’s how bad this is for me. I’d rather go to jail.”

“My life is going to change a lot because it’s just like getting a DUI sometime or going to jail for murder,” he said. “It’s something on my record. If you Google my name, it’s going to come up. And that hurts.”

Doesn’t sound like any heartwarming reunions will happen anytime soon and it shouldn’t. Dolan was dead wrong for how he conducted himself after everything happened and doesn’t deserve to be forgiven so quickly just because Silver and Jordan talked some sense into him.

Written by @IamJoeSports