A couple months ago Zaytoven revealed that he and Jay were in the studio and that a collaboration is likely. Now we get the details on what the situation was like.

Frankie Zing

Zay says Jay was the one actually pursuing him and was prepared for when that came to fruition:

‘I heard you were looking for me,’ Zaytoven recalls telling Jay Z. “I came prepared.”

When asked about Jay Z’s reaction to his music:

“It’s the reaction I always want to get. When we got to the third track he was like, ‘Hold up. Play that one again.’ That’s when I [knew] I got his attention. I knew what he wanted so I had like 25 beats on [the CD]. He was like ‘Give me all [of] them’” To the dismay of what we know Zaytoven for producing, he says that the beats he let Jay Z hear weren’t trap. “It’s not really trap beats. I think guys at that level, they just not looking for [my] signature sound. They want someone with [a] signature sound but they want something that’s a little different and I make a lot of different tracks. A lot of times people want the sound that sounds like Gucci Mane and other times people want the melody driven tracks that Future raps on. With Jay, I guess what he was looking for was kind of the more melody driven [tracks]. So I picked out all the ones I feel that had the piano [and] strings but were still hitting hard.”

Peep the interview below:


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