#Freestyle0045 Bruh, Yes of course we’re right back at it, you might as well resurrect ‘Damn Daniel’…. This week we stepped out of the triple-state a little bit, we went with chitown, G Herbo, yes Herbo got BARS, you heard the record with Dave East, and Don Q, that ? is so ?‼️

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Seriously, I know you may feel like I could bee fronting since I Vouched for some bars that didn’t seem hold up to the level we’re at… I agree with that, but I will say I liked what happen, or I thought for what that person does, they were good, but yes they prob were not up to snuff for where were at, and I should have used terminology like ‘Ham’ ?. Ok back to this week’s…..I have a secret that isn’t exactly a secret, but not known either, we have 3 joints for you, the first is G Herbo! so let me tell you how this all unfolded, I hadn’t worked on anyone for this week so literally last night I asked Funk who he had lined up, he told me, I said ok, I’ wasn’t super familiar with his pick, but I was good with the BK association of course, but then I get a text from the homie Money Nels, ‘Yoooo, I got G Herbo in town, would Funk be down for an interview?’, I immediately hit back and said ‘Need Freestyle!’, News said ‘Bet’ and we set it up!!! I got the beat from him this morning, and I was happy Herbo picked something diff, because contrary to beliefs, the artists pick the bet! Any way, I pulled up and saw people in front, then I called Nels, he told me he was in the car in front with Herbo, I said ok. All the Artist were there at the same time, Nels said ‘go ahead and knock out(record) the first person, we’ll go 2nd’ so we did, then They came up and this was lit;

I know the beat is High, I apologize for that, I’m not sure what happened, it was fine during recording but for some reason it came out crazy, I hit the engineering dept to let them know and hopefully it gets fixed asap!!

Hebo talked that talk and mentioned how he grew up, I like his style, but what did you guys think?