Last night, the internet was Lit the Fuc* up, It feels like Nicki Minaj took a terrible bath of L’s, and last night Flex decided, because of the reaction, break down shEther bar by bar!

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Of course Flex dropped his opinion in the mix, and he has the right to do so, but as I monitored twitter and social media last night, this was one of the times his opinion was with the majority, as they(social media) were joining in ?

Now look, you know I like to tell my side with MY posts, I normally don’t join sides, you never know when biz will get done, but I am 100% #TeamRemy, I’ve known Remy for almost 2 decades, and when I did ‘meet’ Nicki and tried to let her know I was watching her since coming up to Kay Slay’s ‘The Drama Hour’ to drop her music off, she tried to act like I was some little ni**a… which no prob, but I happen to be a little ni**a with a voice and the ability to be on some big platforms, so here we are.

Now Funk started this off letting everyone know he’s going to have his opinion which is his right, then made sure to tell everyone it’s not about the record sales, or accomplishments, who smashed who, or anything, it’s about the BARS!!! Then he went on to play new Fat Joe/Remy, and IF/When Nicki drops some bars, he’s on it!! He played around with the Bars that suggested Ebro and Trey Songs ‘hit’, dumb Funny!!!

Then around 31:20 he began to break down the bars, bar by bar, with advice on things, mostly for Nicki, how to proceed, from sitting down, writing some good bars, and not having Drake join because 1, he may not be able to write, and 2, his last interview was full of ?. It’s really just a lot Flex had to say, you’ll have to listen to it!!